The Boy In The Pink Tuxedo – Kevin Broccoli

Kevin reads his awards winning humorous coming of age story.

Roses Are Red – Robert Burns

Robert Burns reads his finalist entry in a recent Globe Soup 7-day Story Writing Challenge.

Only A Month – Jay McKenzie

Russell reads a sad but powerful story by Jay McKenzie about challenges within a family relationship

Where Light Has No Purchase – Glen Gabel

Glen reads his challenging story about complex family relationships.

The Thing In The Walls – Hannah Simmons

A story by Hannah Simmons, read by Tyson Hamilton.

Homewrecker – Deidra Whitt Lovegren

Jools reads a Deidra Whitt Lovegren Reedsy Prompts shortlisted story – Homewrecker

The Rains of Titan – Jon Casper

Jon Casper reads his thought provoking science fiction story.

For The Cake – Shea West

Shea West read her emotionally challenging story about loss.

Of Glints, and Collecting Fireflies – Busayo Oyewole

Russell read’s Busayo’s Reedsy Prompts shortlisted story. CONTENT WARNING: This story contains themes or mentions of suicide or self harm.

You’re Killing My Future – Leo Prince

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains mentions/thoughts of suicide and self harm, language and severe rejection.