The Mountains are Calling – Jamie Gregory

Jamie reads her story about one of life’s greatest challenges.

Can You Keep A Secret – John Del Rio

John reads his haunting story.

Katie – Brynn Helena

Brynn reads her great coming of age story Katie.

What You Can Do With Your Book – Deidra Lovegren

Deidra reads her humorous awards winning story about gift-giving.

Anti-Hippo – Chris Morris

Chris reads his humorous story Anti-Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Roxie Gone Rogue – Aeris Walker

Aeris Walker reads her humorous story about an AI assistant who gets a little out of control. A comic strip of the first few scenes.

Black Four Seater – Shea West

Shea West reads her humorous award winning story about a woman selling a car.

Just Ask For Mercy – L Maddison

L. Maddison reads her awards winning story horror crime story.

The Overtopping – Jay Mckenzie

Jay reads her moving story of family and floods.

Spinner Of Golden Tales – Heather McQuaid

Heather reads her wonderful fairy tale of a little girl using the magic of storytelling to get out of a tight spot. This story can be found on Reedsy Prompts