The Fox and the Flute – Russell Mickler

A fairytale story written by Russell Mickler

Song of the Forest – Aeris Walker

Aeris Walker reads the title story of her recently released collection of short stories.

No More Laundry – Tommy Goround

Tommy reads his dark but humorous story.

Paper Tigress – yves.

yves. reads a great story about reality TV show contestant. The following are links to yves. blog and portfolio pages

The Mountains are Calling – Jamie Gregory

Jamie reads her story about one of life’s greatest challenges.

Can You Keep A Secret – John Del Rio

John reads his haunting story.

Katie – Brynn Helena

Brynn reads her great coming of age story Katie.

What You Can Do With Your Book – Deidra Lovegren

Deidra reads her humorous awards winning story about gift-giving.

Anti-Hippo – Chris Morris

Chris reads his humorous story Anti-Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Roxie Gone Rogue – Aeris Walker

Aeris Walker reads her humorous story about an AI assistant who gets a little out of control. A comic strip of the story.