Crossroads Cantina

Dois Rios

Aug 24, 2021

Dois Rios is a touching story set in Brazil by K. Antonio.


Aug 31, 2021

Lamplighter is a fantasy western by A.G. Scott.

One Light Town

Sept 23, 2021

In another book of choices episode, we meet Jake, a reluctant recipient, in a story crafted by Redd Herring.

The Phoenix

Sept 29, 2021

In this episode, Hastra is back, in a Highmast story by Lizzy Duffield-Fuller.

The Stakes

Oct 5, 2021

In this special Halloween episode, we hear a vampire tale narrated by the bartender and written by Heather McQuaid.

Strong Exhale

Jun 19, 2022

Strong Exhale by Shea West. Shea is the mother of three children, a Doula, and an educator in the PNW. She often tells tales about childbirth, because it is what she knows.

Child of Prophecy

Jan 26, 2022

Child of Prophecy by Beth Connor. Beth Connor is the author of Hollow City, and the Host of Crossroads Cantina.

Tiny Piscine Heart

Feb 2, 2022

by Rayhan Hidayat.

Angels Among Grief

Feb 9, 2022

by Deidra Lovegren

Special Ingredient

Feb 16, 2022

by John Del Rio.

The Quiet Wooden Lady

Feb 23, 2022

by Phil Manders.

The First First

March 2, 2022

by John Duffy

The Morning Ritual

March 30, 2022

by Sam Wilson

Solar Reflection

April 6, 2022

by Beth Connor